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An Inside Scoop Into Some of My Creations

At Christine Go Interiors, I know what it means to give each project the personalized attention it deserves. I want your residential or commercial space to reflect your genuine tastes, and I make it my business to stay within your budget in order to make it happen. Take a look at my previous work and let me take a load off your shoulders!

Are you ready for a change? I’m happy to provide you with any information you need. Book a consultation and start your transformation today!

Vacation Condo

this small coastal-inspired modern condo is meant to be a relaxing retreat within the city

Formosa Milk Tea Shop

The cute design makes this shop instagrammable.

Hotel Rooms

contemporary rooms for a 4-star hotel

A Cafe

A New York inspired cafe with a modern twist

The Suite

A residence of understated luxury

House on a Hill

A residential property with a great view gets a complete makeover to turn it into an alluring rental vacation house

Co Working Space

an office space with a cool hip vibe

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